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Developing Your Own Unique Style

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Ok, you've gone to class, you've learned technique, lines and form. You've learned to point your toes and straighten the back of your knees. So, now what? How do you take your technique to develop your own style? How do artists become famous for their style and what did it take for them to develop it?

How would you move if you’ve never seen ANY dance moves before?

If you want to move organically, you have to let go of what you know, what you've seen and the dancers you want to emulate.

Use improvisation prompts to help you think of new and unique movement. Often times in class I will ask dancers to imagine wind, to express a certain emotion, or to stand in one place. This experimental movement lets you think and create. This is your style.

Now, put some structure around it

I'm not saying that you should ignore whatever training you’ve had so far. Developing your style is about building on top of your base of movement as you explore different pathways of movement. Let your technique be the foundation for your exploration of movement. Sometimes it will feel silly. Sometimes you'll realize that something doesn't work. That's ok and that's all a part of the process. Feel free to share videos of your improvisation process with me!